When you do not require building permit

When you do not need a Building Permit from City

Wednesday Dec 25th, 2019


Do you know when you do not need any building permit in toronto?

The following are examples of work which do not require a building permit and are not subject to the provisions of the building code. However, please note that this list is not exhaustive and judgment should be used depending on the situation and circumstances associated with the project. Even if a building permit is not required, compliance with the Zoning Bylaw is required.

  1. An uncovered platform (e.g. deck) provided:

    • its finished deck level is not more than 60 cm (24 inches) above the adjacent finished grade; and/or
    • it does not form part of an exit required under the building code; and
    • complies with the Zoning Bylaw.
  2. Installing a skylight in an existing building provided:

    • the building is a house or small building (3 storeys or less) and
    • the installation does not require the removal of more than one rafter, joist, or other similar structural member (with the exception of a truss);
  3. Re-cladding of a house or small building (3 storeys or less) with non-combustible material other than brick or stone veneer;
  4. Adding or replacing insulation;
  5. The replacement of windows or doors provided:
    • there is no change in the location or size of the window and/or door;
    • the structural support for the opening (i.e. lintel) is not affected; and
    • a new exit is not created;
  6. Replacing a furnace or boiler in a house;
  7. The installation of additional cooling systems, gas fireplaces, air cleaners, in-line humidifiers, or hot water tanks in a house;
  8. Repairing and replacing plumbing fixtures;
  9. Replacing existing roofing material provided no structural work is required;
  10. Finishing a basement of a house, if:
    • the work does not include structural or material alterations;
    • no additional dwelling unit(s) is (are) created (i.e. a second unit); and
    • the work does not include the installation of new plumbing;
  11. Undertaking waterproofing repairs to a basement;
  12. Installation of cabinetry and millwork.
  13. Plastic Sheet Covered Accessory Structures (i.e. snow canopies, driveway tents, automotive canopy) do not require a building permit if installed on or after October 15th and are removed on or before April 15th. Compliance with the Zoning Bylaw is required.
  14. Constructing a retaining wall that is on private property, not accessible to the public and/or where the height is less than 1 metre in height at any location.
  15. A building permit is not required to install a sump pump.


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Source of Information -  Toronto city official website


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