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5 Steps for Renovation

The average homeowners don’t know the reality about when undertaking a renovation project. Most of the person doesn’t know how to choose the things before starting renovation.

World of Homes is a platform where you can ask professional renovation experts your renovation related questions. They will guide you and educate you on the important steps you need to take to be successful in renovation of your home or office.

Your all queries will be answered by our renovators experts that have ears of experience in this industry. We identify professional contractors that have agreed to abide by a renovation specific code of conduct.

We would like to share some important steps in the renovation which most homeowners, condo owners and Commercial Unit holders don’t know about.

  1. Define your project

You must know and have map inside your mind & on the paper to explain the things what you want to renovate. By this way our experts can help you to achieve your goal.

2. Budget & Expectations.

You have to set your budget and expectations for renovation. Sometimes they don’t match. We recommend you to go through all the things we you want to be in renovation. If budget and expectations doesn’t match it causes disappointment before  you even start.

3. Select expert renovator.

World of homes have a long list of renovators who have a experience of doing renovation according to your budget. We also have a team who works for high end renovations & awesome interiors for your Commercial or Residential property.

4.  Sign a Contract.

The contract should be reviewed by a lawyer and it will be the basic understanding between both parties for the work moving forward. It should includes costs, payment schedule, construction timeline, product- specific details, a communication protocol, warranty clauses and a close-out plan, at the minimum. Avoid renovators who offers to do work without a contract in an attempt to avoid paying HST.

5.  Eye on progress.


 Proper and regular communication between you and your renovator is key to avoid problems. During the course of renovation, it is common that homeowners request for and ask for additional work or changes.  These requests may affect the cost and time it takes to complete your project. It is important that you have a signed change order for all changes. Finally, remember to ask questions. The last thing anybody wants is to make an assumption or a guess that may lead to an error and then disappointment. 

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