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    For Buyers

    Buying First time or Invest in New Home

    We take proper analysis to fully qualify their position in buying process and to fully appreciate exactly what are their requirements, needs and what they are looking to buy. In our experience this eliminates time wasting for both vendors and buyers whilst also ensuring that buyers are in the best possible position to take advantage of any properties that suit their criteria. We guide to our buyers how they can achieve their goals and buy property of their dreams. We also know that everyone is busy in their live today, so we offer a range of flexible accompanied viewing times.

    Whether it is getting a full scope of your home’s value in the current market or marketing your home effectively to generate the maximum level of interest you need to make sure you have got a professional by your side to ensure you to get the highest return on your investment.

    Give us a few specifications about your dream home and we'll send you our 5 favourite amazing listings that match your criteria, including any of our unlisted 'Back Pocket' listings. You will not be contacted after – unless you contact us. It's that simple !


    1. Do Your Research

    Here is first tip for buyers who are going to buy first time or second third home. We recommend you to do your own search so that you may know how about the current market. One thing new buyers are often surprised by is the actual cost to buy a home in Toronto, Peel and GTA in current market.

    By browsing the internet and MLS Listings in the neighbourhood you came to know the actual prices of houses these days.

    MLS Listings

    2. Know Your Budget

    This is very important step, having a realistic idea of your budget is one of the most important step to buying a house in Ontario. You need a down payment and closing expenses, all of which will need to be in cash.

    See the Mortgage Payment Calculator to help you budget for your approximate closing expenses and you can also see what may be the monthly mortgage payments.

    3. Decide your needs

    In the market of Toronto, you must know what are your needs for buying a home.  

    • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?
    • How long you plan to live in the home?
    • Any possible life changes you might foresee in the future

             These considerations will help you narrowing down the list of potential homes and keep you focused when you start searching seriously.

    4. Find a Realtor

    In Toronto Board more than 65000 real estate agents are there. You have referrals from friends and family, which is always a starting point but as with most of things, be sure to do your own research.

    Real estate agents who use modern technology and have enthusiasm for the work will help you find the desired home which may save your top dollars.  Once you have found the right real estate agent, they will be able to set up a prospect match which will send you new MLS Listing hitting the market that match your search criteria.

    5. Pre- Qualification before buying

    This is the first thing your real estate agent is going to have you do is pre-qualify for the criteria for buying a home.  Your Valid Documents, Credit Score Check, Employment details, Down payment, Closing Costs, pre- Approval Mortgage. If you are wondering how to buy a house in GTA, Peel or other arears, this is going to give you a realistic idea of what you can actually afford.

            A mortgage pre-approval clarifies your monthly mortgage carrying costs to ensure there are no surprises. A potential lender will require you to show your income, credit history, your savings and debts. Once approved , you will receive a letter  that includes interest rate and amount approved.

    6. Showing Notes

    When you are buying first time, your realtor takes you on showings, you are likely going to see a lot of houses back to back. Making notes about each home will help you to clarify your mind and it would be ease during bottom line.

    7. Keep ready your deposit money

          We recommend that keep your deposit ready while during the showings. In this market, assess to your deposit money is very important. Having your deposit funds ready means that when the right property comes along, you do not have to scramble last minute, potentially missing out on the one.  

    Having your deposit ready with your offer shows seller that your are serious in buying that house. Should your offer be accepted, the deposit money is required within 24 hours, unless otherwise indicated.

    8. Making an offer

         When you find a house that you like and decide to make an offer, don’t be get too discouraged if you don’t get the first home you offer on. Real estate market is very competitive and it’s not unusual for homes to get multiple offers. Be prepared to loose before you win.

    Your real estate agent will be able to help you to make a strong offer by gauging the competition, the fair market value and finding the right course of action to go in strong. This is where the best real estate agent Toronto has to offer is essential.

    9. Home Inspection

    Having a home inspection is always a good idea whenever you are buying a home, not only in GTA, Toronto or Peel any where in Canada. Sometimes your offer may be conditional on a home inspection. Depending upon, weather it is a sellers market or buyers market, you choose to forgo this condition to strengthen your offer. Think carefully about this one, as home inspections have the potential to unveil lots of unexpected expenses down the line. Ask your realtor for their professional opinion.

    10. Closing The Deal

    Once your offer has been accepted. The time comes to say you Congratulations, you are a new homeowner. Be prepared to sign a paperwork properly. This is the time when you will be working closely with your mortgage broker and real estate lawyer.

    At this point you have to pay closing expenses. This will include your Land Transfer Tax, Legal fee. If you are first time buyer, you will get First Time Buyer rebates, you may be eligible for that can save you money.

    If you are looking to buying a house in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Vaughan, Woodbridge or any other area you like. Book a call with us. Our experienced and dedicated team is here to help you with each and every step of the home buying process. We have a network of professionals- from mortgage brokers to real estate lawyers – and value add services to help make moving hassle free.

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    A D Dutta

    Real Estate Broker

    Century21 People's Choice Realty Inc., Brokerage

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